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Shoe Campaign SUCCESSFUL! (video)

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Progress Report:  APRIL 2024

From Maria
April 8, 2024

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Progress Report:  March 2024

Maria is still working in Vienna while her husband and team in Ghana continue their work on the donated property and the kindergarten building. But she sends word that the greatest need at this moment in time is for that of a truck or van. The one they had  for so long had been repaired beyond imagination and finally gave up the ghost! As you can see from the pictures and videos, a vehicle is imperative to their progress! We are counting on all hearts of good will to help us get the funds to send for purchase of one in Accra. 

Maria has taken a second job and is still learning through them both how to run the kindergarten when she returns to Ghana. Please keep her and the foundation in your prayers for strength, courage, and joy!  Thank you!

Enjoy these delightful pictures of the children in their classes and their video chanting “Thank you! God bless you!”❤🤗  Also, the  videos of the work going on for the preparation of the new building. Your donation is put to perpetual good work!😃👍

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Progress Report:  December 23, 2023

The ‘Fumbisi Kids’ from Maria’s village school send
Christmas Greetings to all!

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Progress Report:
November 7, 2023

URGENT REPORT FROM MARIA, read her words under the blue box:

2023 Akosombo dam spillage flood

This ministry is a perpetual opportunity to practice the Art and Principle of Giving, for the very obvious speedy results seen from your generosity! If ever there was a time you considered helping – with $10 per month or with $10K – it is now! As you can see, it is vital for the health of these children. Dare we even compare our own meager comforts to theirs? Blessings on you even as you only consider your aid. The PayPal button just above will make it easy!

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Progress Report:
 September 20, 2023

Maria writes:  “Arrived in Vienna, And miss my Babies already!”

To remind you all:  Maria returned to Vienna to secure a temporary job that will help provide funds for the children and continue her vision for them. She is also hoping, through her speaking engagements, to find workers of the same mind-and heart-set to return with her.  As always, ANY $$ AMOUNT is such a help! 

With so much chaos happening in the world around us, as well as our own enhanced needs in this time, we really must not forget these adorable children whom Maria has taken under her wing! It takes very little to  make a difference; your very act of giving because you care is invaluable!  It is my self-made challenge to secure as many MONTHLY $10 as possible . . . ten dollars ($10) buys a bag of cement to make the bricks for the housing and now that ‘housing’ has become a kindergarten to help even MORE children in the area.

Please pray about it and hear that God can care for ALL in the world AS WELL as these children . . . with your help.   You can set your PayPal account up – on this PayPal or the one just above – to automatically make the monthly payment for you and the encouragement to Maria will be HUGE! With enough of us making the difference, she can focus on just the children’s daily lives instead of traveling back and forth to Vienna! Will you help?  God Bless!

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Progress Report:  September 18, 2023

Kids lined up and ready for school!

Ready to march into class!

New school classroom – such a loonng way from ABC’s under a tree!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Maria writes: “I am sharing these next two videos for all to see what your prayers and support helps us to do. Changing and impacting young lives who not so long ago never knew days like this existed. The coming generation to love the nation of Ghana. We prayed at the Black Star square for the blessing of God for Ghana 🇬🇭 

See and enjoy!”

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Progress Report: September 8, 2023
Let me say here that Maria is the epitome of how ONE person can make a difference in the world! PLEASE read her story and – yes! – be in awe! Pray for her always for the strength to maintain her momentum in this endeavor, in spite of the always looming danger from nearby villages!

“That’s the plantation to feed all my children. Just finished cooking Mais for Breakfast.  Hallelujah!”

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Progress Report: August 6, 2023

LadyJaye says: Forgive me, folks, for my long absence as I struggled – by myself! – to move back to Louisiana from Oregon, and that with injured ribs accrued the day before I started packing! It was my most grueling move ever and took about three weeks to recoup upon arrival, but it’s great to be back in grandchildren country!

Another motive is that of acclimating for Ghana, which we’re planning and praying for my physical assistance there a couple months out of the year. But a steady stream of finances have to be set in place before I am free to go. (Toward that goal, you can help by setting up an automatic monthly donation on this PayPal, or the one just above, of even $10 a month; it goes a long way in the daily budget!) I miss my ‘sister’ Maria so much and see the work she miraculously pulls off through so many difficulties and I would be so honored to work side-by-side . . . not to mention all the little children who need hugs as much as I do . . . what a way to spend ones last days, huh!!  Enough of me, here’s the catchup reports, and thank you for your charity, prayers, and following our progress!


“This is our first harvest! It will feed the kids and we can sell some to help. Focus now is where we have the new project that is on the way to Accra and Fumbisi. We just got our first harvest from there. With a well on the property, the harvest will be abundant!”

Housing for the Young Fumbisi Girls!
“Here I am planning to be able to shelter young girls that have to get out of Fumbisi because of forced marriages to Moslem men. ”

Cozy Classrooms!The schools are coming right along, as supplies find their way. On occasion students have access to a nearby delightful study area!

Some Q&A

1) How will you chose and get the girls to Accra, is it dangerous?
It will be for any that have the need to leave Fumbisi. 
2) Will they get the next shoe shipment or is that a folly I shouldn’t request?Right now they are better off and safer compared to the street children of Accra. Unless God shows otherwise.
3) When do you leave for Vienna and return? I am leaving in September. Return will be next year. I might even work a little to save some money if God wants that. I believe He is connecting me to more helpers.
4) Does Moses stay in Fumbisi with Marlon during that? No. Moses is going back to continue his studies. But we have many helpers that will help Marlon.
5) How will you search for helpers and donations in Vienna?
I have no idea. Believing on God’s direction. Surely start off with all that know me, church, organize an event.
6) What  language is the most prevalent?
After English, every region has their own language.
In Fumbisi it is Buli. Here in the city it  is Ga or twi. But everyone is eager to learn English to be able communicate with all tribes.
7) We are putting together a list for grant focus; name some of your needs:
Solar is definitely the future. We have Electricity but it goes off a lot, is not stable and is expensive. Sun, we have a lot and it’s free. One just has to buy the solar panels.  Any amount of Computers are of help. From 1 or 2 or ten.  A new bore well would be $9,000; one for the Accra property and one for the harvest field.
8) It has been so unbearably hot in North America; we have air conditioning . . . how do you bear it day after day without relief?
God puts us where He needs us and then cares for us. My mother is 81 and spends part of her time between Ghana and Vienna. I am 56; young no longer but in Christ I feel like 20. There is still lots to do. Christ who lives in us will keep us fresh.


August 6, 2023

The Shoes Campaign Continues After All. . .

The shoes from the first campaign have been placed on the feet of the very excited and surprised street children in Accra, under the care of Maria, Christ’s Child Care. (See the pics below) The laid-out 100 pairs disappeared like cotton candy! Blessed were the children in the safe house Maria had established in Accra while awaiting her trip completely across that nation, to Fumbisi, her home village. She spends her time between both, with the faithful help of friends, her husband Marlon, and son Moses. 

But meantime, more pairs of shoes MUST be sent for the village children and then more for the Accra children; Maria has recognized how the shoes have become an excellent evangelism tool in Accra!

Our plan is to send every 25 pair as the donations provide, until each little foot has its ‘special hug from someone who cared’ wrapped around it in safety.

Maria is preparing for a return trip to Vienna in the hopes of donations through speaking engagements and to draw assistants with the same mindset and heart for the mission to follow her back to Ghana.  She also will seek temporary employment to help finance her trip and return with finances to help the team get started on their new kindergarten, serving the supportive neighboring farmer’s children as well.

Shoes are not the only need; please consider also making a monetary donation toward safe housing, food, and education on either website:
Christ’s Child Care (Love at work – Progress!)
Mission: AOK(Spirit Wine Publication’s new non-profit!)

Thank you for caring and taking the action that brings HOPE and JOY to the beloved children of Christ’s Child Care.
May the windows of heaven pour blessings out on you!

Maria says: “It was wonderful 
The joy was so beautiful of the love given!”

July 3, 2023
SHOE CAMPAIGN UPDATE:It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, with shipping from Kenya to Ghana going awry and the shoes being held ransom for nearly a week by an unauthorized and intercepting shipping company when they arrived in Ghana! They threatened Maria and Marlon that if they didn’t pay the exorbitant ‘tax’ the shoes would be ‘given’ to another NGO in the area. Of course, that didn’t make sense and it was suspected the beautiful shoes would become black market fodder! Maria and Marlon could see the shoes, touch them in the box, but wasn’t allowed to take them home, while emergency arrangements were being made stateside. It was quite the adventure for those 100 pairs, with each one their own story to tell their new owners! LOL  Anyway, all finally ended well and Maria is all grins and VERY much relieved . . . as were all in the know on this side of the ocean!

Enjoy these pictures of Maria with the shoes; she has a special celebration planned to surprise the children in a few days and will definitely send the video of the excitement!

I was honored to be chosen of God to be of assistance in this endeavor; I hope you realize His delight in those of you who also ‘heard’ with the heart and helped make this happen for the children of Christ’s Child Care. Be sure to watch future updates here and be sure to always peek at their feet, feeling the flood of warm hugs  – for the hugs now wrapped ’round their happy toes! LadyJaye


❤Our goal has been reached as of today 6/5/23 and 100 pairs of shoes are on their way to the children of Fumbisi & Accra, Ghana, West Africa!  Please continue your donations on this site, for the needs are greater than just shoes. You are blessed in the eyes of the Lord for your caring and giving heart! Watch for the delightful video of the children opening the shoe box upon its arrival…you won’t want to miss it!❤

As of 5/20/2023, for the ‘100 pairs of shoes for 100 children’, a substantial $1,936 toward the completion of our $2,500 goal has been met – only $564 to go and they can be on their way!

Progress Report: April 4, 2023

I am in awe to see the miracles Maria has brought about through her initial vision, just verbal in 2003! I hope you can take time to read the earlier updates to realize all she has been up against, proving the power of faith! She is the young lady in a white top in these most recent pictures below. (By the way, please notice the children’s feet, assuring us of the need for shoes, all ages!)

Maria writes, March  27, 2023:
“Work is proceeding, as you see by the pictures. After this building I want to start with a Kindergarten for farmers children but also people around that want godly child care and are willing to support this vision so that we can do more.
God made me go back to University to study Education and I wrote my diploma on the research on the importance of Christianity in Education. Based on psychological theory.
God is amazing! 🤩”

She reports:
“Estimates for the building being worked on:
* Roofing is 3,000 dollars
* Bore Well 5,000 dollars

Building the Kindergarten:
9,000 dollars
(With red bricks which will lessen maintenance cost.)

God is faithful. From October this year I will fully concentrate on the New Project.”Lord help us, Maria, and bring us ‘people of good will’ to get what’s needed for your October plans!


Progress Report: March 15, 2023

Maria sent this video today and I was SO HAPPY to get it! It has been difficult to procure new and used school books PLUS the expensive shipping costs from the USA but efforts were in play to get that done. Her ‘children of Africa’ absolutely love their new school and thrive on every bit of knowledge she can give them, but the thirsty-for-more children needed those books! Our fervent prayer was answered; when I asked for more information about the school  first portrayed on the video, as perhaps a possible resource for the books, read on to hear her report:

“It was the school I worked at for 4 years before coming to Ghana. I asked for their help for learning material and they send me 10 boxes of books, stationery. The school you see in the clip is the school I work in here in Ghana. They pay me 50 dollars a month. At least it covers our food we need and helps with some needs the children have. What is really now also needed are old computers. They have computer lessons but have never ever seen a computer before. I sometimes bring in mine but to share one computer for 100 kids is hard.”

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, Southville Primary School of Feltham UK!!

“FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH”, she says . . . while the report of the books is so awesome, equally discouraging is her wages!  We need people of goodwill hearts to commit a monthly stipend to this foundation, even if only $10 a month – what a blessing for each dollar!

AND, don’t forget to help us finish the shoe campaign, with only 20 pairs of shoes still needed (of a goal of 100) and the $540 shipping fees. You can donate for either cause here:

May the ‘windows of heaven blessing‘ pour out upon you!


Progress Report: March 3, 2023

Shoe Campaign80 children have shoes headed their way! We still need 20 more pairs and $540 for shipping before we can send them. It will be a great celebration day when we send them off and an even greater one when the children open the box, see, smell, and choose their new pair of shoes which will sing of their HOPE and your CARING with each ‘new shoes’ step! We will try to video the opening of that box of shoes when it arrives and post it here to share with all those with the heart of Christ who made this happen. Thank you!!
Maria reports:

~ Children singing ~

~ Smaller children in class ~

~ Older children in class ~

~ Fumbisi schoolhouse front ~

~ Fumbisi schoolhouse side ~

~ Accra schoolhouse in progress ~

~ Accra – No well in  yet, water from lake ~


Progress Report: February 19, 2023


80/100 pairs = 20 pairs to go!
PLUS $540 for tariffs and shipping.

Those who have heard in person from me have understood the need and responded generously, thankfully, but it’s time for the shoe campaign to end, so the children can finally receive them . . .
we still need your help.

You don’t need scriptures or ‘God-Talk’ from me; if you are of a Christ-like mind or a goodwill heart, you already know the worthiness of this request.

I have included here the linked PayPal account for either project: whether $20 to send a pair of shoes to a child, or $10 to buy a bag of cement  for the village to make their own bricks for the buildings – and oh how the young men rejoice at each new opportunity to build! – and for safe housing and food for the children. Every donation speaks of a caring heart and instills joy and hope in all the children, individually and corporately.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reconsideration of helping in this worthy cause – please SHARE this need with others . . .

Ms. Jaye

Progress Report: January 19, 2023

The campaign has been extended until January 31, 2023, or until 100 pairs have been reached, whichever comes first.
IN ADDITION, the amount needed has been a altered to include the extensive shipping costs.  

As of Jan. 1, 2023, 78 children have shoes headed their way, only 22 more needed! 

 Thank you, donors, for seeing the reality of their need, for caring, and for your action on it. Blessings will overflow your New Year . . . watch for it!   :>)

Progress Report: December, 2022

A darling MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR video directly from my Maria and our Fumbisi family, 12/25/2022:


Maria writes:
“Today this my lovely ‘daughter’ has become a real daughter – in Christ – to me. She gave her life fully to Christ on Christmas.”
NOTE:  We must keep this child in fervent prayer, as she moves from her family’s Muslim faith, most often a dangerous undertaking and most especially for the female gender.


FINALLY, it’s here – Maria’s and Moses’ book!

:  6 days left; 61 children have shoes headed their way!  Thank you, donors, for seeing the reality of their need, for caring, and for your action on it.
* * * * * * * * *

Progress Report: November, 2022

A  ‘shoe campaign’ was started and efforts being made through Because International, a fundraiser company founded by the inventor of ‘The Shoe that Grows.’ Through his own ministry and experience in third world countries, he became acutely aware of the need for good shoes for all children. His shoe can adjust to five sizes as the child grows and its materials provide the shoe many years of use.

Only $20 per pair, we are planning on sending 100 pair – or more! – by the end of the campaign, December 31, 2022. We are calling on all readers to donate at the site of the company, where the donations are held until the end of the campaign or until the goal is reached, whichever comes first.

Please make your shoe donation here: and feel our gratitude and hugs infill you!
* * * * * * * * *

Maria writes: “This my beautiful birth-name-sake daughter called Salamatu, who asked for a Bible after the service. She wants to know more about Jesus. She is the most stubborn girl I have ever met. May she be stubborn in loving Jesus. Hallelujah!”

Children singing “I’m not an enemy of God!”

The church is GROWING!

Children singing “I am a Friend of God!”

Maria and ‘her girls’
Occasionally, a Muslim student will ask Jesus into their heart but must keep it secret until a certain age, for their safety and for the safety of Christ Child Care Foundation in the village. Keep these children in prayer!

Progress Report: September, 2022

Here are some pictures:
Building in process; building is slow, as donations come in and a few more bricks are made for the walls and floor; a rooster moves in early . . . of course!


Happy school kids! In Fumbisi, some school kids join with Maria and husband Marlon to view the new building construction.

Maria writes:  “Just so busy here. Building for the new facility to be used as school, farm house, shelter for my children. This cock already feels very at home there.”

Progress Report:August, 2022

Maria  and her team have been working non-stop to keep up with the needs of the children, as well as their own personal obligations. It continues to be difficult, as their combined income is grossly insufficient, as you’ve read in her reports.  Just trying to feed the children, keep them in safe housing, and clothed far exceeds their finances, making it difficult to pour into the vision of building the dormitory and other necessary supplies to adequately be able to teach and minister. It is definitely a challenge and God has called the right team to carry it out!  More children keep coming, both in Accra and in Fumbisi. Maria has a heart which mirrors Mother Teresa and could never turn one away, often giving up her own meals to ensure all children are fed.

She has left Accra for now, having secured land and caretakers for the children there as she returns to Fumbisi to continue her plans for housing the children and their schooling.  Donations are gratefully accepted toward the goals of a dormitory, another well, and sanitary bathrooms (dry bio toilets); eventually a clinic and vocational and bible school will be added.

We ask for your prayers foremost – for we know its power! – and then for monetary assistance to any degree . . . just $10 buys a bag of cement to make bricks! Please keep in mind that every penny is used toward the children and the goals listed above; nothing goes to ‘administrative costs’ as ‘safe housing’ means they are off the streets and in Maria’s house, as well as food and clothing.  (READ Maria’s story in part further down on this page. )

Maria writes:

“Hello all my loved ones, It has been quite on me because I have been so busy adjusting to my new terrain God has placed us in (back in Fumbisi). I have been here so many times but it is different coming to stay.  God has given me more children to love and tell about His love for them. Thanks to you supporting our call towards all children and the youth. These children have big great plans to be a blessing to the nation of Ghana and the world. They want to become doctors, teachers, nurses, pilots…….Seeing their environment it seems impossible but with God all things are possible.  It’s the parents that need to believe in this precious ones and their destiny. That was the play wrote for them to act to the school. If God would open our eyes for a minute we would be amazed what she had entrusted to us to care for.   Also Fathers are needed. Most of the kids don’t see their Fathers. Marlon ( my husband) has been declared us spiritual grand daddy for the kids. They love it.  Fumbisi kids are also doing wonderful and my street kids my Fumbisi kids are also doing wonderful and my street kids ministry.

News coming up soon on our Lovers 4 Christ ministry. Camping place for children in need. There have been some hurdles to overcome like heavy rains, native festivals, government permits to build. But God who started a great thing will accomplish it. Thanks to Southville Primary School sending books and Yvonne to help.
We ask for prayers: CLC,  my Canadian Bottle Collectors Ministry and all that love us. God is using you to make a difference in lives here in Ghana.   God bless you mightily!”

Progress Report:May 3, 2022

Communication has finally been established with Maria and it feels like a gasp of fresh air! She has been hard at work and now spends most of her time in Accra, where she is establishing a shelter and making plans for a second shelter, with the devoted help of her son, Moses, whom she adopted as a baby from Fumbisi, and her husband of six years, Marlon. She has also been blessed with a large parcel of land and is working with an architect of the same heart and mindset as Christ’s Child Care Foundation.

The slideshow pictures and videos below will help you understand the focused passion with which she utilizes every minute of every day for ‘her children.’  AND, you will see the delight on their little faces as gifts of clean clothing, safe housing, and healthy eating illuminate their lives; you will see how they love to just be near Maria . . .

“Warriors For Christ!” 


Maria reports: “We live in Accra, in a house that belongs to Marlon’s brother. I have four excellent teachers and a pastor taking care of the kids in Fumbisi. I go there as often as possible.”

She writes of her husband and their search for jobs:

“Although I am married to a very wonderful God-loving man I must do a lot to care for us. Marlon is over 65. Jobs don’t employ at this age. He worked so much all his life but lost it all for what he loves to live for —-The work of God. We are depending fully on God to see us through and I see He is faithful. We are very soon starting to build two shelters. One for street children which I have started caring for already. Warriors for Christ. And the other on the land for my girls. We have two boys living with us already that we care for and another is joining soon. 
I am still praying for a job but it really seems God has so much to do with me that  I am not finding a job. They either tell me I am over-qualified to just teach in a Primary school or they feel they can not afford me. I am even ready to be paid as an unqualified teacher. But if they want it for free I prefer working for my kids. Thanks to you and some few others we are able to get through it and we stay rent free. 
Marlon is all out teaching the youth for Christ and we are seeing souls coming into Christ‘s love. 

LadyJaye, you are doing a great work and your love and support is doing a lot here. But please don’t overwork. We need you strong and healthy. Even more than your money. It is possible you one day come to Ghana. If it is God’s plan. The children want for lots of hugs. Many don’t get much from their homes. Till then I will keep you updated on what’s going on so that you feel how much you are a part of all this. Please worry me if you need more updates or answers.”

We Need Your Help – will you please donate what you can and watch your gift perform miracles in Maria’s hands?

Progress Report:March, 2022

Read Maria’s update here:
Fumbisi update 29-Mar-22

Progress Report:January 30, 2022

Much base work has been taking place since Maria landed in Accra, Ghana, in November. The day after her flight out of Vienna, air travel to Africa was closed! But God had His way and she was able to continue uninterrupted in her mission. Communication is difficult but she makes the effort when she is able; it will be long periods of silence as she arrives in Fumbisi, the focus of her assignment and passion. She writes this day, January 30, 2022:

“Trip to Fumbisi:
The Chairs and tables are now on the road to Fumbisi. I will be on the road on Tuesday. Please pray for safety as I travel. 750 klm (466 miles) of bad road. The neighboring country Burkina Faso has just entered into a revolution. That might affect Ghana because poverty is rising here. Many are struggling to feed their kids. I am not putting much on Facebook until I leave the children, for their safety.”

Progress Report:November 14, 2021

Maria has landed in Ghana, finally!!  With all factors keeping her from the full-time ministry of this Fumbisi Project put to rest – or at least cajoled – her lifelong dream is in the first days of its progress.

Most important of the factors has been getting the donation process set up as the NGO through PayPal; it is now completed and all donation monies can go directly to the foundation account, providing an immediate receipt for tax purposes. We look forward to your partnership!

More update to come, as Maria catches her breath from travel and makes plans for the next step. Meanwhile, stateside, LadyJaye is pursuing all avenues to secure revenue that will be needed to smoothly move this Fumbisi Project forward and maintain.

If you have other means of assistance and would like to participate in ways other than prayer and finances, please email  Please SHARE this project with a long arm . . . thank you!

Maria writes: 

As I look at these pictures of  my children I am filled with joy of Christ’s faithfulness. 18 years ago on my first journey to Fumbisi, the first thing I noticed was the sadness in the eyes of the children. I had come to teach adults but the sadness of the children caught my attention. They did not know what it means to be cared for or to be allowed to play. Children by the age of 3 or 4 years here already working or taking care of younger siblings. They looked ill nourished and had wounds all over. Little by little we cared for them, taught them songs and games. Not only is it my deep belief that Jesus has a special heart for children, but in my studies as an Educator, I studied the Theory of Dr. Maria Montessori who believed that a playing child is a learning child. Playing and making of handcrafts is important for the emotional, social and academical development of a child.

So you can imagine what joy fills me seeing these children play, draw and creating clay crafts. Did not God Himself create out of the ground and said it was good?

Believe with me that these children will become inventors and visionaries. but most of all that they will never forget that they are loved and have a great purpose on earth. The village they come from may be unknown to the world but was always known by Christ. Thank you and God bless you for all your support and prayers.”

Progress Report:July 27, 2021



Already holding a degree in Architectural Construction Engineering, she just graduated from a London college  with a  Bachelor degree in Education and Social Science! And all that after being told she would not be able to attend college – let alone achieve such lofty goals – because she fought dyslexia.  NEVER say ‘NEVER’ to a woman with a die-hard vision!  Her constant ‘carrot’ leading her on, with the strength of God, was the completion of her project to secure a school building, education, health, and safety for the children of her chieftain father’s village; she has been able to use her education to oversee that goal even as life circumstances played out around her.

I worked with Maria while in the mission field in Austria and came to know her as not just a wonderful human being but a total WONDER in her living examples and subtle yet profound inspiration. Even as a pompous wordsmith,  I cannot find enough of them to portray the power she wields and the mighty works about to arise from the dust of Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa . . . just by her God-permeated presence.

She will most likely be embarrassed at such open praise, but she also knows you all should be made aware of the LIVING REALITY and efforts of this worthy project. JOIN US and share in the joy of each goal’s victory . . . there’s no other feeling like it!  Thank you.

P.S.  Just as I posted the above update, I received an email from a young man wise beyond his years and whose messages I often delight in. THIS time his timing is perfect, as it confirms my present message about Maria’s perseverance . . . AND just may be perfect timing for you, also.  Enjoy this excerpt and to read the entire article, please check out Michael Tyrrell’s website here.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” – Hebrews 12:1

Hey there, Wholetonians!

One of my all time favorite quotes is “A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.”  It is amazing how often people tell great men and women that what they are doing cannot be done! Believe me, for every great song there are hundreds of mediocre ones; the electric light bulb failed 10,000 times before it lit; every time a record is broken, the previous contenders came up short. Good men quit, great ones never do! (more)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Progress Report:July 18, 2021

It is a little bit more complicated to get a PayPal donation button authorized for an NGO – non-profit in Europe – but Maria is nearing the finish line for it and then it will be available on both her website and here at Spirit Wine Publications.

Meanwhile, speaking arrangements are being made and details to accomplish a successful benefit are nearly ready. There are costs for printing, facility rental (at times), and other minor items. We appreciate your help with those expenses and for your SALES on this site. To assist in those expenses, donate to Spirit Wine Publications here.  Thank you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Progress Report:July 5, 2021

In process:
1) Speaking engagements are being set up for LadyJaye to bring their needs to the beneficent public;
2)  Bids are being solicited for both solar and sanitation options, only for Fumbisi at this time: Here is their updated NEEDS list:
*  three 4-stall community ‘dry’ bathrooms @ $5K ea);
*  solar – rooftop or free-standing (approx $10K for starters);
*  water fountain (two @ $10K each);
*  two dormitories ($10K ea);
as well as,
*  (LATER) the land in Accra, soon bringing the same safety, privileges, and security to the endangered, abused, and neglected children on its streets.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Progress Report:June 14, 2021

This just in from Maria:  (in 2 pics; click to enlarge)


Progress Report:June 6, 2021

Spirit Wine Publications (SWP) and Christs Child Care (CCC) reunites with invigorated purpose and commitment.  After having to ‘work out their own salvation’ by going their separate ways for a few years, God has reunited these ‘sisters’ with a stronger force at their beckon.   We look forward to embracing as partners all who recognize this venture as divine and commit to aiding in its perpetual fruition.

How can one deny their help after viewing the children once so desperate for simple daily things and now, after Maria’s diligent efforts, are happily receiving those simple things taken so for granted  elsewhere.  Does that mean it is over and financial assistance can STOP!?  Absolutely not . . . the struggle is paramount and ongoing!  Now that you have seen the power wielded by our dedicated Maria and her assistants, it should inspire to give MORE and continually, for the work that can continue to be accomplished moving forward in her work. (Renew yourself with her vision.)

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“Jesus said, Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

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