I was praying to see what God has on His heart and He showed me the children of the earth. He showed me the children suffering. I said to Him, “Lord, I will pray for them.”  My burden grew bigger and bigger for them. I prayed that God would send people not only to help physically but, more importantly, spiritually so Jesus would be known. To deliver people from earthly problems is just for a period of time, but to bring spiritual deliverance through Jesus Christ is for now and eternity. My prayer changed from “send someone” to “send me.”

That burden took me on a missions trip, blessed by Christ and with three other Christians, to Fumbisi, Ghana, West Africa. We went in October 2003 with a shipping container crammed full of donated medicines, clothes, books, food, and a well-maintained autobus which served us for our 22-hour trip from the capital city to our destination and continues to serve in many more ways.

Program started: 
We drove through the village announcing our arrival and a program for the children, praying they would come. And they did, always one hour early, with a big stone to sit on, and anxious to receive what we had to tell them about Jesus. We had food for them and other things they needed. But they even came when we had nothing for them. They came because they felt the love we had for them. They appreciated the time we had for them, to be with them, listen to them, just to see them for who they are.

It reminds me of what Jesus did when the disciples were trying to send the children away from Jesus, whom they thought would have no time for them. Jesus left everything, came down to their size and said, “Let the children come to Me because for such as this belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 19:14)  That should answer the question of whether children even understand what it means to give their lives to Christ. They are the ones that can best explain to us what it means. Jesus said we need to be like them, open-hearted and trusting, if we want to see His kingdom.

Here we were surrounded by about 800-1,000 children, youth, and a few adults, looking at us, waiting to hear more of Christ. Many of them did not even know what they would eat the next day; they had no shoes and coming from very far areas; some of the children were sick and had wounds all over but still carried even younger ones on their back. Many of them have never been held in someone’s arms, heard a loving word, or even been noticed at all; they are “just one of many mouths to be feed” and that is exactly what they are called by their community. It is speculated among the people that many will not see the next year. A child is measured on how strong they are, for they are to be the pension for the aged relatives. For that reason there are abundant children in a family, to substitute for the ones that may die or are not strong.

With God’s help, I want to be of service especially to the orphans … starting with Fumbisi children. There is no clear number of how many exist because, first of all, it is considered as shameful to the “tending family” if they admit to not being able to feed a child that belongs to a compound; or, second, they do not want to give away a cheap labourer. But it is well known that a great majority of the children in these villages are orphans. They are not allowed to go to school, are made to work in the house, or are hired out as cheap servants and generally treated badly by their masters and mistresses.

My vision is to serve these children, feed them, and give them an education, but most of all introducing Jesus and His love for them. By knowing Him they would understand the value they truly are to Him and, through that, for themselves. As I looked into their eyes I sensed what a treasure they are to God and how each one of them is here for a great purpose.

Many times I cried out to the Lord, “What can I do alone, how many can I help? They are so many, not to mention the many all over the world.” The Lord’s answer was: “You are not the only one I have given the burden of my children. Some are doing the work, some do not know how to, and some dismiss the thought. You take care of what I have given you to do; if everyone does their own specific part, none would get overwhelmed about it and there would no longer be any children crying for love.”

I strongly believe that the Lord has heard the cries of His children, but He needs hands to reach out to them, to hug them, feed them, and tell them about His love for them!  It is a privilege and honour to be chosen by Him to do that.
Would you prayerfully consider these children in Fumbisi and all over the world?

I would be very happy to hear from you what the Lord lays on your heart and if you have any ideas on how help can be given, please share it with me. I need your ideas, not only on how help can be given, but also that they can gradually help themselves.

Thank you and God bless you.

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• Christ’s Child Care (CCC) is a foundation, which wants to be used to minister to children so that they will get to know Jesus in a very early stage of their lives, that they feel the care and love of Christ in their lives. We believe, this seed will never depart from them but grow within them, making them authentic of God’s unique plan for their lives.

• CCC as a ministry will be used to minister to children’s pain, helping them to recover from abuses of their past and leading them back to the love of Christ.

• CCC wants to establish an environment, which provides shelter, healthy food, good moral education and security for children.

• CCC wants to work with different people from all over
the world that have the next generation for Christ at heart.

• CCC will be supported by Christ, using people
of God, Christian organizations, charity organizations and others.

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“Jesus said, Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

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